Still Searching, Still Testing

searching-for-passive-candidatesHey Everyone,

There hasn’t been an update for a few days since we’ve been busy testing and DESTROYING our first HTC vive.

Yes, the Vive didn’t make it past 24 hours. We were so excited to receive the Vive last week. After a 3 hour setup process we got it working and it was amazing. Now, Vive advertises a 25 minute setup time, but that doesn’t account for: the drivers not loading automatically when you plugin the headset, the fact that most machines only have 1 HDMI out and it requires two, the setup software crashed during crucial points of hardware detection, oh yeah, and it stopped working.  Also, fun fact, HTC Vive has less than perfect support.

We’ve ordered Another Vive as we await for the slow RMA process for the first broken one. I think we’ll call the next Vive, Audrey 2. If all goes well we will be eating VR turkey tomorrow.

On another note, we are still looking for a venue. The venue we are trying to obtain is at the heart of Vero Beach on 14th Lane. The company (whom we can’t say) currently occupying the space is not being very responsive. So as we wait for snail speed communications we are continuing to look for a venue.

As we continue the battle for Gamer’s Realm, we will post updates.



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