Our escape rooms are a physical adventure game in which you and your friends solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and common sense. Players are given a set time limit to solve them and find the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms, and a way out. Room escapes are a great team building exercise for friends, families, and businesses.

Our Rooms

Escape From Grandma’s House

(Science Fiction Theme,  Single Room)
45 Minutes To Escape!
2-6 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

You and your group are invited over to a kind old woman’s house to watch her dog while she goes out. The moment you walk into the room you know something is off about her. Strange photos, hundreds of spoons everywhere, and what happened to grandpa? When you try to leave you to notice a strange lock on the door… Grandma will be back soon, can you get out before she returns?!

The Facility

(Horror Theme, Single Room)
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$17.50 Per Person (Halloween Special)


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