Are you looking to play magic the gathering in Vero beach?! Here at Gamers Realm we host Magic: The Gathering events including Commander, Standard Constructed, Drafts, and a Weekly League in our Board Game Bar! We also host trades, sell singles, and have a very active facebook group!

Are you interested in joining an active Magic: The Gathering community here in Vero Beach? Join our facebook group!

Weekly Event Schedule

Monday Night Commander

Bring your commander decks and play against other players in our Board Game Bar for just $5! 6pm.

Tuesday Standard Constructed

Build and being your standard deck and compete for prizes! $10 Entry, Starts at 6pm.

Wednesday MTG Freeplay

Anything goes! Bring your decks and just play with other players! No cost to enter! 6pm.

Thursday Night League

A five-week limited League with Booster boxes as the grand prize. 6pm.

Have any questions about our events? Call the store and ask!