No Tokens, No Tickets

450px-ostrich_mouth_openOne of the things we hate most about your traditional arcades are the way they make money. You walk into an arcade and start looking for the change machine. You put twenty bucks in, get quarters, and in 15 minutes your out of cash.

What did you spend it on? Well first you probably played a few arcade games. Maybe a racing game with some friends? Then you noticed that 75% of the games in the arcade where games of chance for tickets. Well why not. You spend your quarters, you end up with a hand full of tickets, time to get your prize.

You head to the counter and behold, a bunch of cheap crap for you to exchange your tickets for.

So what are we doing differently? We are focusing on giving you the most for your money. 8 Bucks gives you a solid hour of entertainment. Unlimited arcade play. Planning on hanging out with us all day? 25 Bucks flat and your in until we close.

Help us keep our lights on and we’ll be a place you can have fun without going broke. Sounds like a good arrangement to us!


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