Weekly Events

Your membership gets you into all of our events!

+ Monday Night Commander
+ Movie Nights Tuesdays ( with free popcorn! )
+ Board Game Wednesdays
+ D&D Every Friday
+ Star Finder on Sundays
+ Discounted Entry into all E-Sport Events ( just pay prize pool contribution )
+ Cosplay Days
+ And more!

Attractions Included

This membership card allows you unlimited access to the Arcade including:

+ LAN Center
+ 1700 Retro and Modern Console Games
+ Board Games
+ Dance Dance Revolution
+ Guitar Hero
+ Weekly Challenges
+ Stand Up Arcades
+ 30 Minutes of Virtual Reality per Day

Gaming Community

Looking for more people to game with? Our regular list is growing and with it, we are doing more! Check out some things our members are doing that you can participate in!

+ World of Warcraft Dungeon Runs
+ Magic the gathering training for the Grand Pri in Orlando
+ Pokemon Nuzlockes
+ MTG Deck Building and Testing
+ Competitive Overwatch
+ Pubg Teams
+ Minecraft Team Survival
+ And More!

$99 Per Month

Once purchased you will receive a membership card, you may pick up the card or we can send it via mail it to you.
We use paypal for the service, however you do not need a paypal account to subscribe, see this image for assistance