How Does This Work??

Participate in 5 MTG Tournaments once a week (5 weeks) for a chance to win Magic The Gathering Booster Boxes. By participating in the event you are given a free day pass to Gamer’s Realm included with your entry for each day the League is scheduled. ($125 value)


On the League Start day, each player will open 3 packs and draft a deck as they would in a normal booster draft. Players will be randomly assigned using draft software to play 5 games against different opponents.  Each win is recorded as 1 point. At the end of the tournament, all players will keep their cards at Gamer’s Realm. Any cards taken home will be removed from the League.

**You can not join the league once it starts. If over 8 people want to play in the league after it starts, we will start a new, separate league.**

Round 2 – 5 will require an additional $10 entry. Players will receive an additional pack that they can use to make their deck even deadlier. Each Scheduled day we will run 5 games at best of 1, and record wins as points. As the league progresses, your card pool increases.

Round 3 recovery option – By Round 3 any player with less than 6 points(wins) may pay an additional $15 for 3 more packs that they can use in the league. This will give players that drafted poorly the chance to recover.

Final Round will decide who the champions are. Prizes are awarded after all rounds are complete.

League Schedule:
10-19-2017 -> League Start ($25 entry)
10-26-2017 -> Round 2 ($10)
11-2-2017 -> Round 3 ($10)
11-9-2017 -> Round 4 ($10)
11-6-2017 -> Final Round, Prizes to top 3 ($10)

(Total buy-in $65 over 5 weeks)


8-15 Players
First Place: IXALAN Booster Box
Second Place: 26 IXALAN Packs
Third Place: 20 IXALAN Packs
Everyone else: 3 packs

16+ Players
First Place: 2 IXALAN Booster Boxes
Second Place: 36 IXALAN Packs
Third Place: 24 IXALAN Packs
Fourth Place: 18 IXALAN Packs
Everyone else: 3 packs

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