Escape Rooms In Vero Beach

Our escape rooms are a physical adventure game in which you and your friends solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and common sense. Players are given a set time limit to solve them and find the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms, and a way out.

Room escapes are a great team building exercise for friends, families, and businesses.

We offer much more than other escape rooms! All online escape room bookings come with 2 hours of video game arcade access!

Fallout Shelter

Thriller Theme
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$30 Per Person

Your group has stumbled upon a nuclear fallout shelter. Inside you find a mad scientists labratory and doomsday device. Can your team defuse the device before it launches and wipes out all life on planet earth?

Coming November 2019

Wake up.

game. repeat.

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