Escape Rooms In Vero Beach

Our escape rooms are a physical adventure game in which you and your friends solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and common sense. Players are given a set time limit to solve them and find the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms, and a way out. Room escapes are a great team building exercise for friends, families, and businesses. We offer much more than other escape rooms! All online escape room bookings come with 2 hours of video game arcade access!

The Verdict

Murder Mystery Fiction Theme
75 Minutes To Decide!
4-8 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

“The Verdict”… A brand new concept where your group plays the role of a special prosecution team that must investigate, read through evidence, and solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Nancy Garcia. Can your group put the pieces of the puzzle together to render a final verdict?

20% Escape Room, 80%  Murder Mystery

The Facility

Horror Theme
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

This place just isn’t what they say it is. You awake to find yourself and a few others in what appears to be a laboratory surrounded by medical equipment, a gurney, and one “boney” fellow in the corner. Your hands are handcuffed to a metal bar.  What is this place, what’s happened here, and what are they planning to do next? Search the room, gather clues, listen to Pam and find the keys to your escape. Can you and the others make your way out of The Facility?

The Vault

Bank Robbery Theme
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

In our new escape room, “The Vault”, your group takes on the role of bank robbers, breaking into a bank in the middle of the night. The security system goes off in one hour, can you get the money, and escape before time runs out?!

Escape From Grandma’s House

Science Fiction Theme
45 Minutes To Escape!
2-6 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

You and your group are invited over to a kind old woman’s house to watch her dog while she goes out. The moment you walk into the room you know something is off about her. Strange photos, hundreds of spoons everywhere, and what happened to grandpa? When you try to leave you to notice a strange lock on the door… Grandma will be back soon, can you get out before she returns?!

The Really Really Big Bomb!

Thriller Theme
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

You and your friends are locked in a room with a giant bomb! A timer ticks down from 60 minutes? Do you have what it takes to disarm the bomb and escape the room?!

Choose Your own Adventure – Escape!

Time Travel Theme!
60 Minutes To Escape!
4-8 Players Recommended
$25 Per Person

You and your group face changes that span over time and space! Every decision that you make puts you on a different path, and a different universe! Multiple endings await you in this one of a kind escape room!

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