Dungeons and Dragons in Vero Beach FL!

Dungeons and Dragons in Vero Beach! We have the dungeon masters! Our first events include: “PathFinder”, “Star Wars”, and “World of Darkness” $25 to enter, fee includes a pass to the entire arcade all day! 7 player cap, must RSVP ahead of time or risk losing your spot!


Path Finder

Dungeons and Dragons in Vero Beach
Game Master, Nathan Roberts or “Boberts” as his friends call him, is hosting “Pathfinder, Giant Hunters!” Create your character and embark on an epic adventure for Honor and Loot. Solve a mystery, unlock secrets, and build your character up to take on the strongest giants. More info here…

Star Wars

Dungeons and Dragons in Vero Beach
Game Master, Peter DeFosses takes you into the world of Star Wars in this D&D Event! Can you muster your team together? Can get your master’s approval to fight the war against the Sith menace appearing after years of hiding? Can the team discover what they’re up to & stop them? More info here…

World of Darkness

Dungeons and Dragons in Vero Beach
Create your character. Pick from Vampires, werewolves, mages, demons, Gypsy, hunter, mummies, Changeling, Geist, and more.

“The human realm is starting to catch on that supernatural exists. Friends and family disappear in the night, murders go unsolved. Can humans and the supernatural set aside their differences to come together & stop the slaughter or will they all get hunted out?”

Game Master Peter DeFosses hosts this dark table top experience! More info here…


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