Birthday Parties Vero Beach, FL!

Parties at Gamer’s Realm are awesome! With over 2100 retro games, 12 computer LAN Center, Virtual Reality, lots of Board Games, Stand Up Arcades, Pinball Machines, Unique Arcade Games, Beer and Wine Bar, your guests will have plenty to do!  We have 2 areas available to use for your party! To book a party you must have at least 10 guests.


Standard pricing includes: 2100+ Retro Video Games, LAN Center, Board Games, Guitar Hero, Mizan, Pinball, and our stand up arcades. You may add Virtual Reality or Room Escapes for your entire party per person.

Arcade Access Add 1 Attraction  Add 2 Attractions
$20/per Person $30/per Person $40/per Person

*Open Bar or Set Pre-Paid Beer Tabs for your Party is available.*
*Rent out the entire Arcade for a private party for $150 an hour + Per head fee.*


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