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trainee’s review

  • We held our girl scout year end party here and the owner and staff were amazing. We had the small room which was perfect for our group. The staff answered questions got the girls help if they needed it and made the day wonderful. My family and I will be back for sure and I know the others in the group will be going back as well !

    Carla Wooten
  • Great place to hang out for adults and kids! Can't recommend it enough

    Heather M Manolas
  • Over the past week, I’ve spent quite a few hours in this place. It’s amazing! The amount of PCs and gear they have set-up is terrifyingly incredible. It’s like a gamer’s dream. From what I saw, they are also pretty top-of-the-line setups, running games like PUBG and LOL at very high quality. They have a ton of events that you can get involved with including Pathfinder on Friday, Magic The Gathering, tournaments. It’s awesome! When I looked at the prices, I first thought “wow this can be pricey.” But once you go there, you truly understand why it is the price it is and how absolutely worth it it is! For a place that’s relatively new, it’s incredibly well done with very friendly staff and extremely nice set-up. If you’re a gamer or someone who enjoys card games or even just someone a young person that needs to get out of the house every now and then, it’s a great place to go!

    Dominic Dante Discepolo
  • My son and I had a hilariously fun gaming experience in the VR rooms. We drove two hours to Vero Beach to check the place out and we will be back! The owner and staff are pleasant people, also, and very helpful if you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties (Our first time using Vive).

    Amanda Campbell Zambrano
  • My First time here! I had an incredibly positive experience! I was coming back to playing Hearthstone after a long hiatus, and this was my first fireside gathering. I can't wait for the next one! The location and venue is amazing with plenty of space. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. I've recommended it to all of my friends. The space is kid friendly, and with about every single type of video game, E-sport, and event you could dream up is hosted here  I will be back!

    Richard Grant
  • This place is awesome, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The staff is super friendly and helpful as well, I wish there was a location near where I live.

    Andy Stock
  • My son and I love it! There is so much to do there and the owner is the friendliest guy you could ever hope to meet.

    Anthony Fashona
  • This place is really neat. I've never done virtual reality before and it was awesome!!!! We had our kids birthday party here and it was fantastic. Everybody should check this place out!

    Steve P Matheny
  • The manager not only is a big sweetheart but a man of his word. He's a Veteran so much respect to him. I had a great experience with my boyfriend and his baby sister doing the escape room. I definitely recommend this place for a great family time or just a place to escape to clear your mind. I can't wait to come by again!

    Ivette Blanco
  • If you're a gamer this place is for you they have everything in a very comfortable environment. If your a parent and need some downtime this is like Chucky cheese for teens. The staff Are very attentive and friendly. Rates are amazing. Highly recommend you check it out. We are already planning our next trip. I was able to run a few errands knowing my son was safe and spent some time studying in a recliner. Will definitely be back.

    Kelly Hill

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